Join MediaRING

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Do you and your media organisation agree with the purpose of the MediaRING and are you able to make a meaningful contribution towards our aims?

Are you willing and able to contribute to building understanding and promoting the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories among your staff, stakeholders and audiences?

If your answers are resoundingly YES (or you need more information) please contact us via the contact form on the homepage.

The MediaRING reserves the right to decide who should be a member of MediaRING.

What we expect of our members

  • To attend MediaRING meetings – there are four, two hour meetings each year – you can attend preferably in person or phone in. You should attend a minimum 2 per out of 4 meetings per year if you are the nominated representative of your organization and provide an alternative representative if unable to attend yourself. At the beginning of each year we block out the 4 meetings so everyone has good notice of meeting dates. There are also working sub committees which meet ad hoc throughout the year.
  • To have a formal plan for the year ahead. Every MediaRING member should either have a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) or a formal set of goals for each year, establishing what you are attempting to achieve. MediaRING members are able to help you establish achievable goals if you are unsure how to proceed.
  • To report every six months to MediaRING on your organisation’s top 3 or 4 achievements for the previous period. This is one of the key measures that MediaRING uses to check meaningful outcomes and its own usefulness.
  • To make a reasonable financial contribution, where possible, to the MediaRING coordinator’s salary and minor expenses each year (between $250 to $5,000 is the yardstick). This part time position is currently hosted and managed by SBS.
  • Advocate and campaign for Indigenous job creation, retention and career development opportunities both within your organisation and externally.
  • Sponsor/ support local or national Indigenous events/activities throughout the year such Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week. Promote events activities, events calendar in your organisation’s website, newsletters, by community advertising and providing hyperlinks to events etc where appropriate.
  • Promote MediaRING on your organisation’s website, promote and support the aims of Media RING at official conferences, gatherings and meetings where appropriate.

Other ways of contributing

  • Share your knowledge and experience with MediaRING members
  • Provide professional support (IT, staff or mentoring) to MediaRING Coordinator.
  • Provide ‘In kind’ contributions such as staff, venue or IT contributions to sub-committees eg: Indigenous Employment (IAS) sub-committee, job share roles with member organisations for ATSI employees, Strategic Plan sub-committee.
  • Host/manage/support the MediaRING coordinator role if required. Formerly managed by Metro Screen and currently SBS.
  • Host MediaRING meetings – if your organisation is unable to host you might consider providing the catering or assisting with other functional requirements such as secretariat support.

Media RING Member Kit click here