2017 Wrap Up

2017 was a big year for the Media RING.  We held our first Member Connect Events and we also spent some time getting organised.   Some of our 2017 successes included:

  1. Incorporation

The Media RING is now a company limited by guarantee.  For the first time, we are a legal entity with our own bank account, constitution, legal status, insurances and formally elected executive that meets regularly.  It’s taken us some time to get this all organised, and we thank you for your patience.

  1. Strategy Development

The Media RING board met in December last year to renew our focus on Indigenous employment and develop an action plan.  Please refer to our Media RING Strategic Plan article for additional information.

  1. Employment

This year the Media RING employed Medika Thorpe (Move It Mob Style and Winda Festival) as our new Media RING Coordinator.  Medika replaced our previous Coordinator Kodie Bedford, who has moved on to writing for the ABC TV drama series Mystery Road.  The Media RING also welcomed David Melzer from SBS who provides executive support to the Media RING Board.

  1. Opportunities

We’ve identified that developing and providing sustainable career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is a key strategic priority for the Media RING.

One of the proposals developed by Media RING Executive Member Kelrick Martin (Head of Indigenous – ABC TV) is for an industry peer-to-peer mentoring program that could be adopted by members.  The proposal that allows for two-way mentoring and professional development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians working in our industry.

  1. Communications

We’ve completely updated the content on the Media RING website and continue to update it regularly.  We distribute newsletters every two months with industry and reconciliation news and have started to build our social media presence.

  1. Connect

We listened to our Members who told us the old ways of meeting weren’t working for them.  Since then, we’ve held a range of Member Connect Events independently (at ABC) and leveraging off existing events (including NAIDOC and Screen Forever).  In 2018 we’ll be holding at least 6 Member Connect Events designed to raise awareness on issues and build networks.