Media RING Screen Forever Breakfast Wrap Up

Following on from the success of the Media RING Screen Forever Breakfast in 2016, featuring Deborah Cheetham, Yorta Yorta woman and internationally acclaimed opera singer who spoke of the important role the media plays in sharing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories, this year we invited Adam Briggs, acclaimed rapper, record label owner, comedy writer and actor to speak at the Media RING Screen Forever Breakfast.

Briggs was accompanied by Uncle Jack Charles a respected Elder and dynamic actor who commenced the event with a warm Welcome to Country.

Briggs has recently taken up the gig of writing for Matt Groening’s upcoming Netflix series Disenchantment, this amazing opportunity is a huge win for himself and for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The 100 delegates in the room warmed to Briggs’ call for excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island content.

The Media RING Executive would like to sincerely thank Patricia Powell-Hughes from EP Australia and Brad Taylor from Screen Producers Australia for working to make this event such a success.

This event also would not have been possible without the support of MediaRING partners:

• Create NSW – Arts, Screen & Culture
• Film Victoria
• National Rugby League (NRL)
• Screen Producers Australia
• Screen Queensland
• Screen Tasmania
• South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC)