Media RING Strategic Plan

Towards the end of last year, the Media RING Board met to update our Purpose and Strategic Plan.  You can see our updated Plan on a Page below.

You’ll notice a renewed focus on increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment in our industry.  Initially, we’ll start with an Indigenous employment survey to better understand the Indigenous employment landscape of our members, member support needs and identify where there are opportunities for programs. 

The results of the survey will also help us to build the Media RING website as a “go-to” resource on Indigenous employment in our sector.

This year, we’ll also work to hold 6 Member Connect Events, and in every other month, we’ll send a Media RING Newsletter to keep you up to date on what’s going on in our industry.

Be sure to join us at the Member Connect Event in March to learn more about Media RING’s renewed focus on Indigenous employment.

Media RING would like to thank Ian Murray and Jen Wilson from 113 Partners who facilitated the planning session pro-bono.  And also thank PWC who kindly provided the space for the day at Barangaroo.