NITV, SBS and Reconciliation Australia partner to launch the Reconciliation Film Club

NITV, SBS and Reconciliation Australia have launched the Reconciliation Film Club, an online platform that supports organisations in hosting screenings of Indigenous documentaries from Australia’s leading Indigenous filmmakers.

Organisations are encouraged to host a screening to bring staff together to develop a deeper understanding of Indigenous people’s perspectives and histories, ignite conversation and spark change.

The initiative launches with NITV commissioned films, Erica Glynn’s In My Own Words, Trisha Morton-Thomas’ Occupation: Native, Tyson Mowarin’s Connection to Country (part of NITV’s You Are Here landmark documentary series) and Steven McGregor’s Servant or Slave. More documentaries will be continually added, including Warwick Thornton’s We Don’t Need a Map to join early next year after its cinema release.

For more info about the documentaries and to book a screening, visit: