The Price of Piracy

Creative Content Australia (CCA), an industry organisation committed to raising awareness about the value of copyright and the impact of content theft on the screen industries, announced a new consumer campaign following two August 18 Federal Court decisions to block 59 websites found to be primarily facilitating access to copyright-infringing content.

The Price of Piracy campaign features Bryan Brown and alerts consumers to the increased online risks posed by streaming or downloading pirated content from the remaining sites.

Global malware incidents are increasing, such as the May 2017 cyber attack on tens of thousands of organisations including the UK National Health Service, PetroChina and FedEx in the USA.

Content links on infringing sites have become the number one method of propagating malware on the internet, with one in three sites exposing users to malicious software 2015 that can steal personal information like bank & credit card details,or hold the user’s data to ransom.

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