4th Annual MediaRING Breakfast

The annual MediaRING Breakfast returned to SCREEN FOREVER for its 4th consecutive year, held at the Crown Conference Centre in Melbourne. The event provided an inspirational start to the second day of Australia’s largest media conference.



Proceedings were opened with a Welcome To Country by Wurundjeri and Yorta Yorta man and acclaimed writer, director, producer and actor, Tony Briggs. In his Welcome To Country he also paid his respects to the community of Yuendumu.


The newly appointed MediaRING Manager, Lowanna Grant was the MC and touched on her journey so far in the media industry, the importance of storytelling and how First Nations people working in the media can keep these stories alive and share with rest of the nation as part of truth telling in this country.

Kaylene Butler, the 2018 MediaRING Fellowship recipient and filmmaker also spoke about her personal experiences over the past year, working with NITV and Screen Queensland as part of her fellowship. This opportunity provided Kaylene with growing opportunities as a filmmaker; explaining that what counted the most was having great mentors from both Screen Queensland and NITV.

Kaylene reiterated the importance of collaboration between screen agencies and MediaRING, urging organisations to become members and partner up to provide similar opportunities for emerging Indigenous film makers, like herself, to experience an opportunity such as the fellowship to help grow their careers in the film and media sector.


Keynote Speaker

Karla Hart, an award winning filmmaker, actress and radio personality, delivered an inspiring and emotive keynote reflecting on her personal journey growing up as a Nyoongar woman and her journey within the media sector starting with radio.

Karla shared a beautiful song from her Nyoongar people and spoke about her strong connection to culture, which is always at the heart of everything that she does. Culture is her spiritual place, keeping her strong and a better filmmaker. The importance of Indigenous Language was strong throughout Karla’s keynote, as well as her connection to her grandmother, proudly acknowledging the passing down of culture and language.

Karla is proud and lucky that she works in a space where she can share language and explained the importance of keeping our Indigenous Languages alive – urging and encouraging people to be more proactive about learning the language of where they live. If there is one thing that Karla wanted people take away from her speech it was to “please start using more Indigenous language in your everyday life.”

Karla also shared a clip from her upcoming series, Family Rules, now in its third season, airing on NITV in the coming months. Karla explained the importance for our young women to see themselves reflected on screen and this series does exactly that.


MediaRING Award 2019 Winner Announced 

The MediaRING Award was presented by Screen Queensland CEO, Kylie Munnich on behalf of Screen Queensland, the inaugural award winners for 2018.

This year we are proud to announce the recipient of the MediaRING Award for 2019 is CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association). The award was accepted by film Producer Tanith Glynn-Maloney on behalf of CAAMA CEO, Karl Hampton.

Throughout CAAMA’s 40 years they have been vital in educating and developing the aspirations of Indigenous people, particularly from Central Australia. CAAMA have played a vital role in maintaining Indigenous language and culture to make sure First Nations stories and languages are heard.

CAAMA have continued to grow the careers of Indigenous people who are aspiring to work within the media industry by developing traineeships and being a central networking point within the sector.

CAAMA is being recognised for its contribution and achievements in this space by MediaRING and for their continued commitment in demonstrating our purpose.

Congratulations Karl Hampton and the entire team at CAAMA!



Thank You

MediaRING would like to thank our sponsors Film Victoria, Screen Producers Australia, Create NSW, SAFC, Screen Queensland and Screen Territory, without them the event would not be possible. A special thanks also to Brad Taylor and the whole team at Screen Producers Australia for their continuous support of MediaRING and the annual MediaRING Breakfast.

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